We now are leaving our puppies with natural tails. The tides have changed, natural tails are in.

None of my puppies come with cropped ears and never will. If you want that style of ear it is up to you to find a vet that will do it. The important thing is that the dogs are loved and cared for, however keep in mind that anytime any kind of surgery is done there is a risk. 

** (Because miniature schnauzers were never bred for ear type or tail set there is a large variation of both within the breed. Ears up\ears down and everything in between. Tails straight or curly.)Taylor's tail aways is curled up on her right side. It is very cute. 

 Miniature Schnauzers are adorable little dogs with or without their tails docked or their ears cropped.   

Tail docking has been practiced for decades. It is or was a tradition. Today most people feel that it is purely cosmetic with no benefit to the dog. It is a quick procedure done by your vet before your pup is five days old. The tail is cut to the desired length and usually closed with a stitch. It is a stressful ordeal for both the pups and the dam.  

Ear cropping has also been practiced for decades. It was thought that if the ears were cropped that they would be less likely to be ripped and torn when facing down the vermin that they were bred to hunt, thus this also became the norm.

 Cropping requires your vet to cut off a large part of the ear flaps and then reinforcing the ears with splints and tape so the ears stand upright while they heal. I don't know if there is a vet in this area that will do this procedure. 

If a dogs ears are cropped there is lots of ventilation and less probably of ear infections. Remember that ear cleaner once a week does the job too.

 Although now band in many parts of the world, in the US and Canada many people hold true to the old traditions and have these procedures done. This is to be expected, after all it has been the breed standard for decades.

 This is Taylor She is a Diamond and Chuck puppy. In this lovely pose, you can clearly see just how cute her little bottom is with her tail intact.
Miss Kitty, docked and cropped
 This is Music Makers Miss Kitty. Cute as a button and I am sure she would be just as beautiful with her ears and tail fully intact.