Schnauzer Facts

 The Miniature Schnauzer

The breed name originated from a show dog named Schnauzer in 1879 Germany.

Schnauzer means small beard in german.

  In Germany, in the year 1899 the Miniature Schnauzer was exhibited as a separate breed from the Standard Schnauzer. 

The Affenpinscher was used to down size the Standard Schnauzer. (Affen, meaning Monkey and Pinscher meaning Terrier in German. In France this little dog was know as Diablotin Moustache, meaning Moustached Little Devil.) 

The Affenpinscher, like the Standard Schnauzer is adept at eliminating rats and other vermin.  The Affenpinscher is a intelligent, mischievous little hunter. I think It makes prefect sense that this little dog was used to create the Miniature Schnauzer. It reenforces the already strong abilities of the Standard Schnauzer, while adding a spunky playful touch of it's own, not to mention creating a smaller, more house friendly pet.

I have read that other breeds , like the poodle, fox terrier, miniature pinschers and even pomeranians were also used in the creation of the Miniature Schnauzer. 

Anyway, on with the story. This new gene pool generated a wide variety of colour and size. Tan, white, black, black & silver, chocolate (liver), liver pepper, salt & pepper and even spotted. The spotted are referred to as Parti.

The miniature Schnauzer normally weights between 12-22lbs, but are sometimes quite a bit smaller. Under 10 lbs they are considered toys and under 6 lbs they are considered a teacup.

I think that the smaller you go the harder it is to maintain conformation and good health.  I stay clear of the smaller dogs, wisely leaving them to breeders that have more experience. 

All my dogs are over 10 lbs, but I do from time to time get toys.

If it is the tiny schnauzer you have your heart set on, I suggest you contact Janice at Music Makers Schnauzers.  She specializes in the smaller miniature and has 36 years of experience and know how. Her web site is a fountain of information.

Miss Kitty

 This is Music Makers Miss Kitty. She is a gorgeous example of a White Miniature Schnauzer. Note the cropped ears.


An  Affenpinscher

We got our first miniature schnauzer 27 years ago. They are hypo-allergenic, intelligence, loyal, playful and loving. They are so full of personality that you sometimes forget that they are dogs. If you are thinking of adding a little dog to your family, check out the miniature schnauzer. You won't be disappointed.

The puppy gang

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