Schatan is a beautiful Straight Egyptian Stallion. He is athletic, compact, agile and can go all day.  He is sure footed and intelligent, making him an excellent trail horse. 

gorgeous arab stallion


 2005 black Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion.


 (Nahabi Marou X WRA Sahara Khizmet)  Schatan is a Al Khamsa Arabian. Blue Listed and recognized by the Pyramid Society. He is Homozygous Black. 

No Opening For 2017 Season
Mare care $5/day. Box stall accommodations.

Schatan is the little horse, with a big heart. He has such a wonderful temperament and gentle nature that combined with his outstanding blood lines and awesome comformation make him an easy choice as a sire.                                                                                                                              

Tail Male: Saklawi 1 [APS]

Tail Female : El Dahma [APS}

Schatan is a fun and reliable trail horse and is game for anything. He is my favourite horse to ride. 
He personifies what an arabian horse really is. (Good natured, willing, strong, loyal and kind) He is gentle with the miniatures. I have seen him kneel down to play with them.

Ancestral Elements 

Egypt 1, 91.3 %

Blunt, 6.5%

Inshass, 1.4%

Egypt 11, 0.8%

arab stallion

Left to right. Cool Eyed Joe, Justin and Schatan.

family tree