Our Farm

I  have been training horses and working with problem horses since I was a kid. I was doing some calculating and I have figured out that I have trained a total for 26 horses to drive and 52 riding horses. Lots of the horses I trained to do both. So, yes I am a horse nut and also nuts about my dogs. I am never alone unless they see me pick up the clippers or the ear wash bottle. Schnauzer are so smart it's scary.Lol

The Big and the Small got to love them all!


Our facility is equipped to accommodate both our miniatures horses and our riding horses. We have a complete monitoring system inside and out to ensure the safety of all our animals. Our barn is heated and our horses enjoy a high standard of living. Through the winter they are in the barn at night.  When the weather is nasty they also come in. We strive to ensure everyone's dietary and comfort needs are met.  I want them to be happy here. We have 80 acres of fields and riding\driving trails.

We also do trailer inserts and conversions for miniature horses, Shetland Ponies or any thing else you need to haul.PonyPatch Farm, Alder Flats, Alberta, Canada Located between 2 hours south of Edmonton and 3 hours north of Calgary.