Schnauzers Gentlemen

All our Gentlemen are Registered Miniature Schnauzers. They are good natured and have great personalities. 

We often have a variety of colours to choose from, chocolate (liver), liver tan, liver peppered, parti (spotted), white, black and salt and pepper. We are 2 hours south of Edmonton, and 3 hours north of Calgary.
We welcome visitors.

 Little Man Hercules (UCA Registered)

This black guy is Hercules. He is the definition of sweet and passes this wonderful trait on to his puppies. Herc is 18 lbs.

little man herc
Herc and sadie

 You have heard of a Jack-In-The-Box, well we have a Herc-In-The-Box.

A Herc in the box

 Music Makers Texas Ranger (AKC\UCA reg.) 

Music Makers Put Yr Dreams Away(A.K.C.reg.) X Greens Apple Blossom(A.K.C.reg.)

 This is Music Makers Texas Ranger, (A.K.A. Chuck Norris). Chuck is AKC Registered. He is friendly and easy going. His best friend was our lab, Archer. They played together constantly. Chuck is 14 lbs & 8 oz.

Coool chuck
chuck playing with Archer
Chuck up front

Dashing Double O Seven  (a.k.a Bumper) (UCA Registered) 

Hearts Are Wild Texas Belle (A.K.C.reg.) X Music Makers Texas Hottie (A.K.C.reg.)

All his pups are good natured, loving and a little goofy,  just like him. Bumper is 15 lbs.

Sitting pretty
Dashing double o
I love food

 Dam: Rose Creek's Texas Belle (Hearts Are Wild Texas Belle)

(AKC\UCA registered)


   Sire: Music Maker's Texas Hottie 

(AKC\UCA registered)