We purchased our first miniature Schnauzer over 27 years ago and have been in love with the breed ever since. In 2005, as our children were almost grown and leaving the nest, we decided that we had the time to start raising miniature schnauzer puppies of our own.

 Our farm house is a half mile from the road. This gives our dogs a freedom that most dogs can only dream about. Our dogs are part of the family and love being in the house, however we do have a fully heated kennel with dog runs. We must be able to insure our breeding program and the safety of our dogs. We don't want our ladies to have puppies from every heat, so they must be separated from the boys for the duration of their heat. We also have to be sure of parentage and the only way to insure this is to have a secure way to separate them. 

We purchased a few beautiful puppies from Janice of Music Makers Schnauzers in Texas to help shape our initial breeding program. Janice has years of experience  and specializes in Toy and Teacup miniature schnauzers. She is a fountain of information. I recommend a visit to her web site.

schnauzer party

My love of horses started when I was 4 years old. We lived on a farm in Northern Ontario. One day my Dad came home with two Shetland ponies in tow. They had never been handled and they weren't making it easy for my Dad. I spent every chance I got trying to win them over. (Since we only had 3 TV channels, I was never tempted to stay  in the house. Eventually the ponies gave in and decided they would put up with me. Princess tried to rub me off on every tree branch or fence post she could find, however soon we came to an understanding. I didn't have a saddle or even a bridle so we made due with a halter and a piece of rope.

Believe it or Not! (A little horse trivia)

Some people think that a miniature horse is just a down scaled version of the standard size horse. In truth there is tons of Shetland Pony influence involved in the creation of these little horses. The ASPC (American Shetland Pony Club) is a breed registry. AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry) and the AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) are both only height registries. Both of these registries have closed their doors to unregistered miniatures regardless of height. Due to previous hard shipping many registered miniature horses have very limited or even no known pedigree. This being said, there are still those horses with many generations of known ancestry . Check it out, perhaps your horse can be traced back to it's shetland ancestors. Perhaps your miniature horse is really a Shetland Pony!

We breed Quality Miniature Schnauzers, miniature horses and Arabians. Miniatures Horses\Shetland ponies are not just for kids to play with. They make wonderful driving horses too. I really couldn't tell you which I like more, driving or riding. Some of our full size horses drive as well and that is a blast. 

Come check us out. Two hours south of Edmonton and three hours north of Calgary.